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ininal API platform to reach 1000 developers in the first month

One of the leading fintech companies in Turkey and Europe, ininal has attracted a great deal of attention from all start-ups and API services launched for corporate companies last month. In the first month, 1000 developers accessed to the service by creating account on the system.

ininal, one of the leading FinTech companies in the region with more than 1 million user accounts, over 2 million pre-paid MasterCards and more than 600,000 active monthly users, offers extensive and unique financial technology skills through the API platform. The platform is a great opportunity to accelerate the development of financial services for all software developers, enterprises and companies in Turkey and to boost the entrepreneurial ecosystem. ininal with its API service, attracted the attention of 1000 developers in a month and achieved a crucial success.
 "Financial services are generally subject to regulations and compulsory business licenses, and they are closed-access services. However, APIs offering access to banking services, are at the top of the trending topic lists in Europe and in Turkey," Ömer Suner, the CEO of ininal, said and added:
"ininal, today, is creating the financial ecosystem of the future. Our goal is not only to become a player in this change but to become the ecosystem itself. Last month, we had the pleasure of presenting the APIs of Turkey's and the world's most talented financial services. The great interest of the developers has increased our happiness in a month. Many banks and financial institutions are expected to open their own APIs in the near future, and the most important decision criterion in this competitive market will be the capabilities of the offered APIs for software developers and entrepreneurs. To this end, we succeded to reach over 1,000 registered developers in a short time by adding every new function of ininal to our API platform. As this number increases and our services touch our users, we will have created a financial ecosystem with brand new rules.”
The advantages of ininal API platform
The main competencies offered by ininal's API platform are the inexorable abilities in the world such as account creation, debit MasterCard creation, balance reload, money transfer, lump sum payment.
Key features of ininal API platform;
• Creating a user account
• Creating ininal virtual MasterCard
• Money transfer to and / or from user account
• Sending money from one ininal account to another.
Furthermore, API services are easy to access; developers can start using the services immediately after filling out the registration form. ininal invites all software developers, entrepreneurs and corporate companies to develop products and solutions using all the financial skills of the ininal API platform in these exciting days of digitizing money.
Contact Person:
Dilek Özcan
Marjinal Porter Novelli
0212 219 29 71
About ininal
The new generation payment platform ininal was established in 2012 with the aim of providing basic financial services to both individual and corporate clients. More than 10.000 points (Migros, Bimeks, D & R, Teknosa, distinguished newspaper franchisees, Vatan Bilgisayar and PTT) ininal offers MasterCard prepaid cards and ininal mobile wallet application to consumers. ininal users can load balance from more than 10.000 retail and ATM points on their accounts or cards and spend their purchases at all physical and virtual shopping spots around the world. ininal develops custom platforms for corporate customers and offers co-branded cards. With its payment platform and cards, it offers corporate customers a mass payment and expense tracking system. Providing low-cost, simple and reliable financial services, ininal Wallet application and ininal MasterCards provide convenience for hundreds of thousands of users. https://www.ininal.com/


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Yeni nesil ödeme platformu ininal, hem bireysel hem de kurumsal müşterilere temel finansal hizmetleri sağlamak amacı ile 2012 yılında kurulmuştur. 10.000'den fazla noktada (Migros, PTT, D&R, Teknosa, seçkin gazete bayileri, Vatan Bilgisayar ve Bimeks) MasterCard ön ödemeli kartı ve ininal mobil cüzdan uygulamasını tüketicilere sunmaktadır. ininal kullanıcıları, hesaplarına veya kartlarına 10.000'den fazla perakende ve ATM noktalarından bakiye yükleyebilir ve yükledikleri bakiyeleri dünyadaki bütün fiziki ve sanal alışveriş noktalarında harcayabilir. ininal, kurumsal müşterilerine özel platformlar geliştirmekte ve ortak markalı kartlar sunmaktadır. Ödeme platformu ve kartları ile, kurumsal müşterilerine toplu ödeme ve masraf takip sistemi sunmaktadır. Düşük maliyetli, basit ve güvenilir finansal servisleri sunan ininal Cüzdan uygulaması ve ininal MasterCard'ları yüzbinlerce kullanıcıya kolaylık sağlamaktadır. https://www.ininal.com